SHOW NOTES: The Best Show You’ve Never Heard Of: Warrior

From the Grounded Geeks podcast / your co-hosts Aman and Lena

Poster for the TV show, “Warrior,” now streaming on HBO Max

If you follow either Aman or Lena on Twitter, then you’ve definitely heard of a TV show called Warrior. But since neither of us are social media influencers, we don’t think nearly enough people seem to know that this show even exists. Originally based on a concept from Bruce Lee, Warrior tells the story of one Chinese immigrant the day he arrives in Chinatown, San Francisco around the 1870s (shortly after the Civil War) to find someone from his past. This show is unlike anything we’ve seen before, which is actually a little sad because there SHOULD be more shows like this! Not only does Warrior cover the history of Asians in America, it also looks at racism as a whole, sexism, the history of the Irish working class in San Francisco, the state of women’s rights, gender roles, and class warfare. Oh and the main character is a martial arts prodigy. Really what more could you ask for in a kickass TV show?

Check out our latest episode where we geek out about Warrior and the role it can especially play right now amidst the most recent wave of anti-Asian hate and violence that we’re seeing across the U.S.

Some links to help YOU geek out about Warrior too!

  • If you don’t have an HBO Max account, have no fear. You can watch the first episode of Warrior for FREE on YouTube:
  • If you’re a history buff like us, we recommend watching this PBS series, which aired last year called Asian Americans.
  • As we mention repeatedly (and sometimes desperately) on this episode, Warrior sadly hasn’t been renewed yet for season 3. Here’s a petition that could maybe hopefully make that happen.


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